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Homework filename could be,

  • lectureid-homeworkNo-yourstudentid.doc
  • lectureid-homeworkNo-yourstudentid.docx
  • lectureid-homeworkNo-yourstudentid.m
  • lectureid-homeworkNo-yourstudentid.pdf
  • lectureid-homeworkNo-yourstudentid.pdsprj
formats and filesize less than 4MB.

For example for student id 10-156-999 your homework and your lecture id is EEM232 file name could be,

  • EEM232-1-10156999.doc
  • EEM232-1-10156999.docx
  • EEM232-1-10156999.m
  • EEM232-1-10156999.pdf
  • EEM232-1-10156999.pdsprj

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